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      Digital Lux Meter GM1010

      Thumbnail 1

      Product Details

      *Measuring range:0Lux~200,000Lux/0Fc~185,806Fc

      ±3% rdg±0.5%f.s.(<10,000Lux)
      ±4% rdg±10dgts.(>10,000Lux)
      *Digital Updates:2 times / s
      *Photometric sensor:Silicon diode

      *Battery life:Not less than 60 hours
      *Operating temperature and humidity:0℃~ 40℃, 10%RH ~ 90%RH
      *Storage temperature and humidity:-20℃~ 50℃, 10%RH ~ 90%RH

      *Unit size:52.5*35.5*166mm

      *Net weight: 110.4g

      *LUX (Lux) / FC (footcandles) Unit
      *selection function
      *After 5 minute auto power off
      *Backlight function
      *Maximum and minimum measurements
      *Automatic measurement function(AUTO)
      *Data rise and fall time is short
      *Low battery indication

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